Melinda is an experienced legal drafter who has used her expertise in international law to enrich the provisions of national law.

The Amerindian Act 2006 guarantees collective land rights for Amerindian communities whether indigenous (pre-colonial) or later arrivals, gives Amerindian communities control of all resource extraction on their lands. The law specifically recognises Amerindian cultural and spiritual connection with the land in settling land claims.

In the Protected Areas Act 2011 Melinda introduced the concept of ecological integrity and principles of ecologically sustainable development.

  • Protected Areas Act 2011
  • Kanashen Village Rules to establish a protected area (subsidiary legislation) 2007
  • Amerindian Act 2006
  • Article 36 of the Constitution of Guyana 2003
  • Water and Sewerage Act 2002
  • Electricity Sector Reform Act 1999 (parts)
  • Public Utilities Commission Bill 1999 (parts)
  • Tourism Regulations 1999
  • Co-operative Society Regulations 1998
  • Environmental Protection Act 1996 (Environmental impact assessment and other parts)